LEA School Labs

LEA school labs

LEA School Labs are classrooms across Europe open for learntech testing affiliated by LEA project. Currently LEA School Labs operate in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy in real classroom environments.  The LEA School Labs are thought as a dedicated environment where to allow businesses/experts/professionals to co-develop and test innovative solutions in real life conditions and in collaboration with final users.  The LEA School Labs are open to include primary, secondary and upper secondary students and teachers.

For more information about the LEA school labs please consult Laura Ribotta from Torino City Counsil: laura.ribotta@commune.torino.it / +393407767549

Benefits for LEA and the local/regional area to prepare a LEA School Lab

Final users (Students/teacher): Experience new learning methodologies and new skills in the direct relationship with business and technology.

Procurers: To model an equipped classroom for an innovative teaching experience and new learning technologies; Gain a sound knowledge of state of the art of innovative technologies in the field and improve technical/networking skills.

Businesses: Understand public challenges and constraints in this field through direct contact in real condition environments at the pre-procurement stage; reduce time to the market for their technologies through testing; gain visibility at EU level.; create commercial partnership with other businesses.

Research/Other local/national key actors: Gain a common knowledge through the involvement in the evaluation of the testing phase.

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