Meet LEA at the following events

Time Event Location
December 2019 LEA Global Think Tank, Turin Italy
November 2019 Slush Finland
November 2019 Online Educa Germany
October 2019 EcoProcura The Netherlands
October 2019 European Week of Regions Belgium
September 2019 Dare to learn Finland
September 2019 LEA webinar 16: "Open Market Consultation Methodology"
September 2019 Nordic Edge Norway
July 2019 Edulearn19 Spain
June 2019 ET2020 Working Group, Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment PLA#2 Slovenia
June 2019 LEA webinar 15: "TechClass - Teacher's story on Learning Environment Creation Based on Users' Needs"
June 2019 LEA webinar 14: "Changing the assessment culture in schools through analytics"
May 2019 LEA webinar 13: "AI in Education"
May 2019 Eventbright - the power of procurement
April 2019 LEA webinar 12: "Virtual Reality Innovation by VRLab"
March 2019 Educate to Create Bulgaria
March 2019 ITK paivät 2019 Finland
March 2019 LEA webinar 11: "Information on how to use the Procurement Forum"
March 2019 INTED 2019 Spain
February 2019 Learning Technologies UK
February 2019 LEA webinar 10: "LEA school lab experiences"
February 2019 LEA webinar 9: "What is a Prior Information Notice?"
January 2019 BETT UK
January 2019 LEA Global Think Tank, BETT show London UK
January 2019 LEA webinar 8: "Special edition on LEA @BETT 2019"
January 2019 LEA webinar 7: "Towards Easy Virtual Reality Content Creation"
December 2018 Online Educa Germany
December 2018 ICT 2018 Austria
December 2018 LEA webinar 6: "Understanding the legal aspects of joined vs. coordinated innovation procurement "
December 2018 Slush Finland
November 2018 Festival dell’Educazione Italy
November 2018 LEA webinar 5: "Professional competences required to utilize innovative technologies"
November 2018 LEA webinar 4: "Suppliers’ experience of PCP - Case Almerin"
November 2018 ICERI 2018 Spain
October 2018 Swedish Edtech Sweden
October 2018 LEA webinar 3: "Understanding the needs of the Demand: Municipalities & Schools"
October 2018 European Week of Regions Belgium
October 2018 LEA webinar 2: "Learntech 2018: AI, VR, robotics"
October 2018 EcoProcura The Netherlands
September 2018 Nordic Edtech Awards Norway
September 2018 LEA webinar 1: "What is innovation procurement?"
September 2018 Dare to Learn Finland
September 2018 EC-TEL UK
May 2018 Swedish Edtech industry Sweden
April 2018 ITK Days Finland