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Representing the demand side of learning technology procurement, procurers monitor and steer the invested R&D (research and development) progress in a dialogue with the suppliers. Procurers have a demand perspective with financial and technical benefits on local and regional levels. LEA will bring learn-tech procurers together into a Europe-wide network.

Benefits for procurers in the LEA project

  • Pedagogical, financial, and technical benefits.
  • Solutions based on real needs and end-users' feedback.
  • PCP can change, influence, and improve learning technology.
  • PCP places procurers (with their schools) in the "driver's seat of innovation".
  • Increased competence and understanding of the learntech market.
  • Direct dialogue with the suppliers.


Suppliers enable end-user interaction early in the process in order to achieve an increased opportunity for a more customised system development. The supplier stakeholder group for learning technology includes small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), start-ups as well as market leaders.

Benefits for suppliers in the LEA project

  • Access to needs, test environtments and the market.
  • Early engagement of end-users.
  • User-driven methodology and a go-to-market approach.
  • Dialogue with customers during the development process.


Learning technology experts act as an intermediary between suppliers and schools, assisting the dialogue between supply and demand in the learning technology procurement process. They provide a beyond-user experience perspective on innovations and take this perspective to quality assure the EU policy alignment. While doing so, they add benefits for many member states of the PCP investment. One of the main purposes of the LEA project is to assist consortiums to apply for funding in the learn tech procurement area. For this purpose, a variety of technological expertise is needed to assist the dialogue between supply and demand sides.

What LEA can offer to Learning Technology Experts?

  • Help envision the future of Learn tech 2030: participate in our open market consultation workshops and global think tanks.
  • Find out about future market needs.
  • Connect with a network of procurers supported by other stakeholders.
  • Contacts for collaboration, data collection, joined research.
  • LEA forms scientific evaluation panels for learning analytics, the use of AI in PLEs, and future technologies (VR, AR, MR, IoT, robotics etc.)
  • Short term (one- or two-day) consulting jobs are available.

Do you speak both technology and teacher/student language?

LEA could use your expertise! For consulting jobs, please contact the LEA coordinator Kati Clements: +358505631805


Schools are the end-users of learning technologies and thus participate in the co-development of future innovations, gain competences in learning technology and provide feedback to procurers on the developed innovations. LEA School Labs co-design future learn tech innovations with students and teachers.

Benefits for schools in the LEA project

  • Increased digital competence and a strengthened EU STEM / PLE profile.
  • Democratic processes include schools as co-developers of future technologies which cater to their needs.
  • Direct meetings in the classrooms between young EU citizens and the innovative industry.
  • Direct dialogue with the market which develops digital tools for education.

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